Welcome to the Author Academy!

Are you part of the 80% of the adult population who dreams of becoming an author some time in your life? Wondering how to get started? Of all the things we learn in school, no one ever tells us how to write a book, get it published and successfully promote it.

If that isn’t confusing enough, add the fact that the publishing world is constantly changing. What might have been the Holy Grail yesterday can be a disastrously wrong approach today.

Today the publishing world is filled with wildly exciting opportunities – and disturbing and expensive false promises from expensive Print on Demand (POD) services.

My mission is to empower authors with the knowledge and tools they need to make the right publishing decisions for themselves.

My name is Jan King and I’ve spent my entire career in the publishing arena – as CEO of Merritt Publishing, the founder of ewomenPublishing, author of both commercial and self-published books, and consultant to publishers and non-fiction authors.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, the Author Academy is the single resource you can rely on to learn exactly what you need to know to write, publish and market your dream book the right way. I want to help you publish a meaningful book and maximize the value of your intellectual property – rather than unknowingly giving it away.

The Author Academy is a membership program that is available for a one-time membership fee and no additional fees ever, even if an author creates multiple books over multiple years.

As an Author Academy member you will find step-by-step instructions on every aspect of writing and publishing your book – so you never have to leap into the unknown. You can begin by exploring the list of topics on the right column. Or you can go to Becoming an Author and click the arrow at the bottom of that page. This will guide you through each step you need to take to build, write, publish, and market – your book – in order.

If you look at the pages you see listed on the menu to the right of this page and you will get a sense of the range of material you will find on this site. We are constantly adding what is new so it is always up to date. You won’t find fluff, just the essential information you need to become an author of note.
You will also learn how to promote your book without spending a lot of money. The best promotional opportunities are a result of strategy and certainly not the result of costly ad campaigns and expensive PR firms.

Our Author Academy is still in progress, but I’m inviting you to check out a section by clicking on One perfect chapter by looking in alpha order on the right column and reading the next 3 pages by clicking the “next” button at the bottom of the page. Notice that we take you through all the steps in creating your book in sequence so you don’t have to wonder what to do and in what order.