One Sheet

A sell sheet can be created in a generic fashion and then customized to the particular use. You might have a special sell sheet for the author to sell the book to a major publisher, another sell sheet to help sell copies of a self published book to a bookstore, or a sell sheet to use at live events for individual or corporate book buyers. There are some basic elements that are part of every sell sheet, including:
• Title, author, publisher
• Date published, page count
• Retail and/or distributor availability and retail price (ex: Available on Amazon, retail price: $19.95 or Available through Ingram, retail price: $14.95)
• Hard cover or soft cover and anything else noteworthy (ex: Includes CD or Includes password to downloadable worksheets) • Blurb about the core messages of the book (a paragraph followed by bulleted items is a great format)
• Photo of the author and the front cover of the book
• Author bio
• Testimonials

The sell sheet might also have the table of contents. Sell sheets are always one piece of paper only, in full color and with content on both sides. They are intended to be used at live events but should also be downloadable as a PDF on the author’s web site, probably in the media kit. Something else that may seem small but will mean a lot to users of the media kit or author’s web site is the way you name any files that are downloadable. It si very helpful to the user to name them with the author’s last name and/or the book title (short version) and the item name, such as SmithSellSheet.pdf or RelationshipNetworkingSellSheet.pdf.