by janbking on September 29, 2012

We have just launched an Indiegogo project to fund two websites to educate authors. Take a look at the great perks for contributors!:

This is a new project that has been in the works for a while and the exciting perks will only be around the month of October so click on it soon!

If you aren’t familiar with Indiegogo, it is an online funding platform for creative projects. Individuals contribute at various levels and receive “perks” commensurate with those contributions. You can use these perks for yourself or give them to someone else you want to encourage as an author.

The Author Smart Project includes 2 websites for educating authors (in progress):
to give authors all the tools and resources they need to write, produce and market meaningful books – the right way.

What’s in the Websites?

The author academy is not open yet, but you can click on the link just to see what it will look like.
The ASSISTED SELF PUBLISHING website IS open and here’s what is so special about it:
1. It has a book timeline and costline so you can really know what to expect with assisted self publishing.
2. It has a blog that follows the work of a real author and a real book going on real-time. You really get the feeling of what it is like and what you go through to get your books published. The blog has posts by the author AND posts by the freelance independent professional, like the editor, cover designer and many others to get their perspective on how they work with authors – what they need and what they want to make you a success.
3. It has a section devoted to giving you the clear picture of whether you would be better off to work with an established commercial publisher or self publish. Look at the pros and cons from someone who has no agenda and isn’t trying to talk you into publishing with them and asking you to pay money up front to do that.

Why am I doing this now?

1. To fight a frustrating trend: POD (print-on-demand) publishers – Without the background and experience (or motivation) to help authors create and market quality books, they are selling nervous authors a bill of goods with outrageously priced printing and marketing services, often taking their rights and profits in the process.

2. I want to help more authors:
As a consultant, I can only work with a few authors at a time. This project will make my 30 years of publishing know-how available to every interested author.

With your help, this project will be the start of a sea change in the publishing industry, allowing authors to maximize the profits on their own work and keep their intellectual property whether they use an established commercial publisher or self publish.

I hope you will share my mission by telling your associates about the project. You can forward this blog link to anyone who would benefit and put it on your Twitter and Facebook.

Please click on this link to read more and consider contributing at:

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