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by janbking on October 18, 2010

Nicholas Negroponte is a the Chairman Emeritus of the MIT Media Lab who was interviewed on CNN yesterday and predicted that physical books will not be the prevalent way we distribute books in five years.

I think he is right, but it will be two years at the most – not five. His point is that the Western countries still have the money to print and use books that way, but other countries can’t pay for those things – information can only be delivered virtually or it is too expensive for them to access it.

I personally enjoyed his explanation of his traveling on an airplane. He will use his iPad to read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal right up until they make him turn off his electronic devices for the last 20 minutes. Then he switches to the actual physical newspaper and goes back to the electronic device ASAP.

This has tremendous implications for what is happening for author’s assistants right now.

While understanding how to get books printed is still vital – electronic media has become much more important.

Do you have watch daytime TV? If you see an author on The View or other show, almost inevitably there is a book under the seat of the audience member.

My prediction is that these are the books that will be way a number of authors get booked on shows – that if the author gets booked on whatever show it is – especially a local one with a studio audience – it will be because the author has “volunteered” to donate 30 to 50 copies for the privilege. I think that planning to sell most books virtually, but to print 500 copies just for this purpose will be a new business model for the author.

Selling will be virtual and printed copies will be to show. Consider sharing this strategy with people you talk to about booking you as an author.

Don’t let this fool you about the covers of books – they become more important than ever because they still represent the visual. Boring covers will still be the death of books – and of course they’ve got to be in full color.

The interior of books will also be tailored to events and be much more visual (not in color, but using fonts, gray, margins – anything to make them visually more fun. Consider new options for media now and don’t be shy!

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